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    Daily Focus For The Flute

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      Janew Music Publishing is excited to announce the release of James Newton’s Daily Focus For The Flute on December 15, 2006.
      Daily Focus For The Flute contains 21 exercises designed for classical and jazz flutists for the development of tone, finger technique and articulation.

      Dr. Newton stated:
      “One of the goals of Daily Focus For The Flute is to introduce flutists to an approached inspired by scat singing that I use when playing swing articulations on the flute. These exercises unlock some of the mystery around jazz articulation for the flute. Of course, there are many different approaches to swing and its development from early to modern jazz. . .these articulations will present concepts I’ve learned from Buddy Colette, Frank Wess, clarinetist-composer John Carter and others.”

My music purposely ignores stylistic boundaries to rejoice in the creations of the Holy Spirit


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