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  • category: 1980-1989, CDS, Bass

    Mixed Quintet (Leroy Jenkins)

    • James Newton
    • Mixed Quintet (Leroy Jenkins) Album Track Listing >>
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        Shapes, Textures, Rhythms, Moods of Sound (Jenkins)
      • 2
        Quintet #3 (Jenkins)
    • Mixed Quintet (Leroy Jenkins) Details >>
      • Label
        Black Saint
      • Year
      • Discs

      James Newton (flute)
      Leroy Jenkins (violin, viola)
      Marty Ehrlich (bass clarinet)
      John Clark (French horn)
      J.D. Parran (clarinet)

  • category: CDS, Bass, 2010-2019

    Sacred Works

    • James Newton
      Grant Gershon conductor
    • Sacred Works Details >>
      • Label
        New World
      • Year
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      This is the first recording devoted to James Newton’s sacred works. The composer has been influenced by the masses and cantatas of Stravinsky and Bach and the operas of Messiaen, Puccini and Verdi.

My music purposely ignores stylistic boundaries to rejoice in the creations of the Holy Spirit


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