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    As the Sound of Many Waters

    • James Newton
    • As the Sound of Many Waters Album Track Listing >>
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        As the Sound of Many Waters for solo flute (1998) 13:38 - James Newton, flute
      • 2
        Violet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and two marimbas (1994-95)
      • 3
        Gihon for solo violin (1995)
      • 4
        The King's Way for soprano, flute, bassoon, violin, cello, harp, percussion, and piano (1989)
      • 5
        I. The Prayer of Thanksgiving
      • 6
        II. Prayer Through Strife
      • 7
        III. Resolution 3:09 - Adina Aaron, soprano
      • 8
        Like Jasper and Carnelian for solo flute (1997
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      • Label
        Anthology of Recorded Music
      • Year
      • Discs

      James Newton, flute

      San Francisco Contemporary Music Players:

      Tod Brody, flute;
      William Wohlmacher, clarinet;
      Rufus Olivier, bassoon;
      Roy Malan, violin;
      Stephen Harrison, cello;
      Thomas Schultz, piano;
      Karen Gottlieb, harp;
      Daniel Kennedy, William Winant, percussion.
      David Milnes, Guest Conductor

My music purposely ignores stylistic boundaries to rejoice in the creations of the Holy Spirit


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