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  • category: 1980-1989, CDS, Bass

    Water Mystery

    • James Newton
    • Water Mystery Album Track Listing >>
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        The Star-Crossed Lovers (Ellington-Strayhorn)
      • 2
        Lone Hill (Newton)
      • 3
        The Crips (Newton)
      • 4
        Water Mystery (Newton)
      • 5
        One for Strayhorn (Newton)
      • 6
        Dance Steps (Newton)
    • Water Mystery Details >>
      • Label
        Gramavision ‎
      • Year
      • Discs

      James Newton (flute)
      John Carter (clarinet)
      Charles Owens (soprano sax)
      Greg Martin (oboe)
      John Nunez (bassoon)
      April Aoki (harp)
      Allan Iwohara (koto)
      Red Callender (tuba)
      Roberto Miguel Miranda (bass)
      Anthony Brown (drums, percution)

My music purposely ignores stylistic boundaries to rejoice in the creations of the Holy Spirit


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